System Requirements

This course is reliant on video. A broadband internet connection is highly recommended.

Browser Requirements for Video

To play the videos in this course you must have:

  • A web browser with Adobe Flash 9 plugin or greater installed.

- OR -

One of the following web browsers, which support HTML5 H.264 video.

  • Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Safari 3 (Mac OS) and above
  • Safari 3.1 (iPad) and above
  • Android 3 and above

If you can view the welcome video on the course homepage at, you should have no trouble viewing course videos.

Preferred Browsers for Viewing

The following is a list of preferred web browsers for viewing course content.

The web browser you use must have Javascript turned on.

  • Safari 4 and above
  • Internet Explorer 8 and above
  • Firefox 5 and above
  • Chrome 10 and above
  • Opera 10 and above
  • Ipad with Safari 3.1 and above

You may be able to successfully view the course with other web browsers.

Helpful links

How to get help

Penn State Online HelpDesk

If you need technical support for accessing or navigating Beekeeping 101 you can contact us via chat, web form, or phone through the Penn State Online HelpDesk.